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Labor Day is Monday, do you have any plans to celebrate the holiday? If you are outside the US what are your plans for Monday.

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  1. Just enjoy the fact I actually have it off when all these summer months no where on the college website did it say we actually did have it off… πŸ™‚

  2. No big plans for Monday…Just enjoying the opportunity to sleep in πŸ˜‰

  3. no celebration…..another manic monday

  4. Dan Denman says:

    We are celebrating on Sunday. We are having family over for a cookout and lots of fun.

  5. Susan Christy says:

    Hanging out with my dogs, doing yard work, grilling, maybe doing a little shopping.

  6. No plans as of yet! I think my husband works, but I’m not positive. I think I’ll be working on some craft projects!

  7. We are having a barbeque with the family.

  8. No plans for Monday. Just another day of work.

  9. no big plans for monday here eh.

  10. We will be spending Labor Day with family members in their outdoor seating area. It was great for the 4th of July! It should be even better on Monday, if it is cool.

  11. Sara Theissen says:

    No plans really. My husband’s birthday is Tuesday, so we are just going to enjoy 4 days off together. We’ll play it by ear.

  12. Linda White says:

    Nope just rest and relaxation at the casa!

  13. Jessica CG says:

    Relaxing at home on Monday, but visiting family on Saturday.

  14. Layne Austin says:

    I plan on celebrating by doing absolutely nothing and relaxing all day!

  15. laurie allen says:

    No plans this year… Just enjoying the end of summer at home with family. Oh summer how I will miss thee πŸ™‚

  16. We are going to Six Flags on Labor Day.

  17. I plan to spend the holiday Christmas shopping for bargains.

  18. Pamela Gurganus says:

    I’m not celebrating the holiday. I will be traveling out of state with my sister who has a job interview.

  19. Lisa Williams says:

    I don’t have any plans for Labor Day,I’m trying to get the house cleaned up and in order because the school year starts the next day after Labor Day.

  20. not doing anything, just another day

  21. bernardina sims says:

    My plan is to relax!

  22. Holly Thomas says:

    Barbecue with friends and family.

  23. Patrick Siu says:

    Just a normal day for me.

  24. kim amundsen says:

    No plans monday.

  25. Lisa Brooks says:

    We will be grilling and doing yard work. πŸ™‚

  26. We’re likely headed for a weekend get away – to Canada πŸ™‚

  27. Planning on visiting some family!

  28. Linda Fast says:

    We celebrate Labour Day in Canada also. My son and his family are coming for the long weekend so today being Friday I am doing a lot of cooking and baking.

  29. Not very exciting~ cleaning the house & grocery shopping is all we’re doing!

  30. Plan to visit my oldest niece and her husband this weekend.

  31. Jennifer Lang says:

    I don’t have any special plans for this holiday weekend. More than likely keeping it close to home, family BBQ and some outdoors fun for the kid’s.

  32. Not really. Just the normal fun.

  33. Gina Freire says:

    Looking forward to the weekend filled with food, drink and best friends!

  34. Yes. We plan to go to a lake nearby; eat KFC and let the dogs swim.

  35. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    No plans. Just resting this weekend.

  36. just working

  37. Last minute getting ready for school to start the next day!

  38. my hubby & are both laboring on labor day πŸ™‚

  39. Monica Kirkham says:

    I will be visiting with family!!

  40. Becky VanGinkel says:

    Labor Day is the first day that my husband and I both have off together so we are spending a family day at Lake Superior with each other and our 3 beautiful children πŸ™‚ I can’t wait!!


  41. We’re going to be at the beach in Destin.

  42. BBQ all with friends and family

  43. Cookout…summer’s last hurrah.

  44. Debra Guillen says:

    I will be spending the day with my family at my Mom’s

  45. Kathryn Mackey says:

    Just walk the blue bridge with my dog and husband

  46. Tina Wahrmund says:

    Monday will be spent with family.

  47. I am firing up the grill for a small, family get together.

  48. gloria patterson says:

    We have a End Of Summer BBQ for family and friends. Everybody brings their special dishes and we grill burgers, hot dogs and what ever. The kids play games or with all the animals. The adult just sit around laughing, talking and maybe a few tears for missing family or friends.

  49. No plans really, just busy getting the kids ready for school πŸ™‚

  50. Clarissa Otto says:

    Just taking it easy at home.

  51. I have to work on Labor Day but it is all time and a half so can’t complain.

  52. We always celebrate with a family picnic on Sunday and relax at home on Monday.

  53. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    Going to work early on Monday

  54. I plan to stay home and away from the traffic.

  55. Melissa seager says:

    We are camping at Rocky Mountain National Park! One of my family’s favorite places!

  56. Probably just going to wing it.

  57. I will be taking my daughter back to school and going to some yard sales along the way

  58. I have no plans to celebrate the holiday. I will likely just be at home.

  59. Nothing much,school just started here in my country so it will be astabishing school rules AGAIN until kids ears will bleed πŸ™‚

  60. Marcy Meyer says:

    My plans for Labor Day are to sleep in and do no labor. Lol. I will actually probably do laundry, but that’s about it.

  61. Susan Smith says:

    We don’t have any plans for this weekend, just relaxing.

  62. I have no plans for Labour Day Weekend, the kids and I will find something to do on monday that is different!


  63. no plans

  64. Susie Perri says:

    Relaxing and baking!!! Going to Costco on Sunday:)

  65. We are going to the local waterpark and bbqing on Saturday and Sunday and Monday fishing trips and more bbqing Thanks for the chance!

  66. My plans are going to a friends pool party πŸ™‚ Food, fun & friends!

  67. My plans are for Saturday! A pizza party at my mom’s house (my treat), and watching the Family Ties series!!! Monday will just be a nice relaxing day!!!

  68. Tamara Mullen says:

    I’m going to have dinner with my family on L day.

  69. I’m taking extra classes at the gym on Monday!

  70. I have the day off work so I will celebrate by sleeping in (yay) and cleaning my apartment (boo)!

  71. We have a community BBQ and another fundraiser going on this weekend. It’s nice to meet up with a lot of our neighbors and not be out on the roads traveling.

  72. I have family members coming to visit.

  73. It will be a day of rest, relaxation and enjoying our hobbies. We’ll likely take short a drive down to the lakeshore to enjoy a walkabout.

  74. Nalane Singh says:

    My labor day plans is to work and then go home and relax afterwards.

  75. I plan to bbq and then relax for the rest of the day.

  76. We haven’t made our plans for the weekend yet. We will probably relax at home and grill out.

  77. Melissa Greco says:

    I’m starting up school on Wednesday so I’m going to use Monday as a day to relax

  78. Heather Cowin says:

    Yes. We plan to have a cookout with family to celebrate it. We are a union household, from West Virginia. My grandfather worked in the coal miners. So it is a special day for us.

  79. I have to work all of Labor Day weekend but that’s okay; I didn’t have any plans anyway and I do get time and a half for working the Labor Day holiday which is nice!

  80. No long weekend over here , just working Monday

  81. I have no plans other than to spend the day at home.

  82. Tamie Tarbox says:

    I look for all the back to school sales on Monday and I save a bundle on school clothes

  83. Frances Cavallo says:

    Just going to have a BBQ with my daughter, son in law, sister and my grandson, the light of my life!!! Best kind of time spent, with family or friends, people you love!!!

  84. No plans in particular.

  85. Vicky Watkins says:

    No plan, resting!!

  86. Going to a pool party.

  87. Susan Burge says:

    No plans at this point.

  88. Carrie Barron says:

    We will be with my husband’s parents and grandmother.

  89. Going to the cottage for the whole weekend!

  90. We are having a cook out where I live.

  91. Gina Fleury says:

    We plan to take the kids to a movie to celebrate the last day off before high school and university begin again for them.

  92. Tom Bellamy says:

    Probably a cookout with the family.

  93. I’m going to cookout with my friend, weather permitting!

  94. Thelma Hamm says:

    We don’t have any big plans, might go to a local cheese festival and see my hubby’s grandpa who is 102. πŸ™‚

  95. Lorena Keech says:

    I don’t think we have any special plans, maybe dinner out with friends.

  96. Kelly Nicholson says:

    Labor Day is Monday, do you have any plans to celebrate the holiday?

    nice idea..how about a bbq…ill be eating steak..thanks

  97. No plans for us this weekend, just relaxing

  98. OMG, plan is watch grass grows or at the wall. Can’t afford entertainment. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. πŸ™‚

  99. Marlene V. (enelram) says:

    Spending time with the kids and husband! We were going to go camping but its too cold and rainy:(

  100. Grace Mitchell says:

    I’m going to celebrate Labor Day by…going to work!! πŸ™

  101. Monday Funday instead of Sunday Funday, and time to BBQ!

  102. Family barbecue

  103. Just spending the day with my pup.

  104. Emily Adams says:

    I am going to visit my sister and brother in law and grill out and swim!

  105. Catherine R. says:

    We are having a birthday, BBQ and pool party this weekend.

  106. Janet Gretch says:

    Husband recuperating from hip replacement so kids are coming here to do the bbcue.

  107. heather kaufman says:

    We just plan on spending the day as a family, since my husband is deployed.

  108. Spending time with the family πŸ™‚

  109. Judy Thomas says:

    I live in New Zealand and have plans to do some spring cleaning on monday! πŸ™‚

  110. We are going to cook out at the park and enjoy the day!

  111. Thomas Murphy says:

    I am going to a family BBQ.

  112. Helen Wawrejko says:


  113. Nothing special. Just the usual: hot dogs and hamburgers, with a classic movie on television.

  114. Rita Sheppard says:

    My husband and I are going away to the mountains for the holiday weekend.

  115. Alisha Sienkiel says:

    No big plans for Monday but I am probably going to a craft show on Sunday.

  116. My husband has to work, so I’ll be taking care of our daughter and 5 month old fur baby at home!

  117. Probably grilling hot dogs and hamburgers (if the weather holds up), and some shopping (can’t pass up those deals!)

  118. I’m hoping to avoid traffic!

  119. Rhonda W G. says:

    A quiet day with my husband…Maybe a picnic.

  120. No exciting plans this holiday – hopefully just catching up on work and stuff around the house!

  121. No plans actually! Just gonna enjoy the long weekend with some netflix and popcorn haha πŸ™‚

  122. Frank Zumpf says:

    One of our kids living in Fl. will be coming up to visit this weekend, and the wife of one of our other sons is bringing a carrot cake

  123. Margaret Schmidt says:

    Just relaxin’– no special plans.

  124. Just relaxing before going back to school and work

  125. I’ll be going to the zoo with my boyfriend.

  126. We did a beach day today, Friday, to avoid all of the Labor Day tourists, going to take it easy for most of the weekend, hiking Sunday morning.

  127. Ellie Wright says:

    We are going to the parade on Monday here in our city. My grandson and his football team are in it.

  128. christine burd says:

    Other than relaxing with my husband who is off work on Monday , I have no plans.

  129. thias pampado says:

    I’m not from the US so I’ll just stay at home reading.

  130. No plans. My Kids have jobs that require them to work that day.

  131. Sara DiPerri says:

    Work and then maybe a few sales on MOnday

  132. Cookout, swim, and relax in the backyard with our family.

  133. I’ll be having a BBQ with family and a few friends.

  134. Heading to some bbq’s this weekend

  135. angela smith says:

    my plans are painting the rooms in the house we’re getting ready to sell.fun fun fun…NOT

  136. Bonnie Clyne says:


  137. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I am going to a friends cookout.

  138. No, I have no special plans, just a relaxing day at home.

  139. Sandy Weinstein says:

    yes, going to dog shows over the wkend and monday

  140. Lisa Sicora says:

    My hubby has a business meeting in a town down in southern MN. So we are leaving extra early and enjoying the hotel and some alone time!

  141. Planning a cookout with family and just relaxing and enjoying the day

  142. My daughter is going to learn about Labor Day from me and maybe we will make some cake…

  143. No exciting plans. Probably just going to mow the lawn and do a few other yardwork projects.

  144. Richard Brandt says:

    Just getting the family together for some grillin’

  145. Patrick Miller says:

    Just relax with the family

  146. No plans for monday. Just looking forward to working only one job instead of two!

  147. No celebration here. I will be watching my granddaughter while her mother works.

  148. Debbie Ellis says:

    Plan on spending the day relaxing and enjoying the family and grilled food

  149. laura gonzalez says:

    relaxing and spending time with my family

  150. On Monday, I’ll spend the morning at a charity bazaar, buying as much as I can carry home.

  151. I’ll be chillin’ out

  152. I’m outside of the US and I’m working…

  153. Terri Moore says:

    It’s my husband’s birthday this weekend so we plan to go to dinner and shop for something fun for him. some great sales going on this weekend.

  154. I’m not planning on doing anything special on Monday.

  155. Amber Terry says:

    I have no plans to celebrate.

    Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  156. Jason Quarrie says:

    Get together with friends for geek gaming, and prepare for my upcoming holiday.

  157. Ken Haggerty says:

    Pretty much the same as any other year. Backyard beer and burgers.

  158. Leon Durham says:

    I plan on having a BBQ on Sunday.

  159. monday is a quietish day with school run and take hubby to appointments as I live in new zealand πŸ™‚

  160. Rachel Mauffray says:

    I am celebrating with my sister.

  161. We’re having a cookout

  162. Lesson plans, students begin on Tuesday

  163. I actually don’t have anything planned except for just sleeping as much as I can.

  164. We’re not headed anywhere special, but we are having a barbecue and getting outdoors as much as we can if the weather is nice enough.

  165. go on a hike!

  166. Karen Jaras says:

    Relaxing at home with pizza.

  167. Barbara Adams says:

    last weekend off as I start a new job Tuesday. So must do all the things I didn’t do this summer!

  168. Barbara A. Ramirez says:

    No and I am GLAD! I just finished moving (and unpacking) after a little over 2 weeks ago. I moved in with one of my children and three of my grandchildren live here as well. I NEED a break and some peace & quiet. I HOPE THEY go out however! πŸ˜‰

  169. Sandra davis says:

    As of right now we do not have plans but maybe a cookout.

  170. We’re headed to the beach!

  171. We are having a charity cookoff.thanks so much for sharing.

  172. sheri anderson says:

    I’m just catching up on chores and spending precious time with family, thanks!

  173. Debbie Loy says:

    Hang out with family.

  174. Patricia M says:

    I will be at home hanging out with my family.

  175. We’re going to the local faire

  176. Tania Brock says:

    Relaxing and sleeping in- as much as possible..

  177. Terri Quick says:

    No plans here this year

  178. I plan on going to the lake with my daughters.

  179. Salli Singleton says:

    I don’t have any plans but to clean house and enjoy the day off with my kiddos!

  180. Just enjoying having it off with my husband. Trying to get in as much fun as we can. It may be our last weekend off together in a while.

    Thanks for the chance!

  181. We’re headed to our favorite orchard/farmyard this weekend

  182. I might go out to eat but that’s it.

  183. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says:

    Catching up on stuff I haven’t done.

  184. No plan for Labor Day. Just doing the usual stuffs.

  185. crystal gibson says:

    We don’t have any plans so we will probably just hang out at home.

  186. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper says:

    no big plans, just spending time with family.

  187. i live outside of US. Happy labor day! I will be sadly, at work, and then it’ll be time for more chores at home.

  188. Tammy Shelton says:

    Celebrating in America’s Oldest City. Happy 450th Birthday St Augustine FL!

  189. Ryan origon says:

    We don’t have any plNs yet, I’m just happy that my husband will be off of work!!

  190. I am going back to school

  191. JACKIE PHIPPS says:

    No real plans other than to do some pre fall cleaning of windows and such

  192. I am hanging out with my daughter tomorrow. She is out of school.

  193. We are going to bar b que with friends.

  194. We are staying close to home. We will barbeque with friends.

  195. We are going to have a BBQ at home.

  196. Actually celebrated today, together a family BBQ! ;D

  197. I’m going to the parade and then relaxing with my family.

  198. angelia medlin says:

    We are celebrating by spending time with our family and having a BBQ.

  199. I don’t have special plans for Monday, we had our family bbq on Saturday though.

  200. Michael Beeton says:

    Going to see Pixels with family

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