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  1. We plan to have small party at home

  2. Eloise Carlson says:

    Yes we usually go camping during 4th of July every year! Thanks so very much for the chance!


  3. no plans right now as that’s still so far away! 😀

  4. Julie Murphy says:

    We have people over.

  5. jessica m says:

    We usually cook out and find a place to watch fireworks!

  6. suzanne Shattuck says:

    we get together with their two boys and their families. We BBQ and take the seven grand kids to fireworks.

  7. We BBQ and watch the fireworks !

  8. I just relax at home and enjoy the day off.

  9. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    no plans

  10. We usually go to the seaside and have a quiet day.

  11. Patricia E. says:

    The last 2 years we have been going to a local baseball game with the kiddos and watching fireworks afterwards. It is always a great experience.

  12. Kimberly K says:

    We typically spend the day with our neighbors. We have a BBQ and swim in their pool. We got to the next town over to watch their fireworks as well.

  13. We usually have a memorial cookout in honor of my late uncle’s birthday during the 4th of July weekend.

  14. susan smoaks says:

    we haven’t made any plans for the fourth of july yet. we take it year by year.

  15. no.I don`t have any special plans.

  16. Debbie Welchert says:

    No we usually just stay home and watch the fireworks.

  17. sheila ressel says:

    We stay at home and cookout, then watch fireworks in the evening.

  18. Anne Burner says:

    Nope, no Fourth of July plans for me. Maybe take a nap before the fireworks get started.

  19. Marlene V says:

    No plans yet….

  20. We usually go down the shore to watch fireworks on the beach!

  21. No plans yet, but it is both my father-in-law’s and my neighbor’s birthday. So something will come about!

  22. Fourth of July plans? Not yet!

  23. Dan Denman says:

    We usually spend time with family and eat a lot of good food!

  24. 4th of July is a long way off, so no plans yet

  25. Don’t really do much on the 4 these days, maybe 5 or 10 years ago, but now it’s like any other day of the week…sometimes the air just has the smell of Bar-B-Que more often and a little more noise than usual.

  26. Annmarie W. says:

    LOL…Fourth of July is a LONG way off! But every year on the 4th of July weekend, we hold a big crab feast with all our friends & family. So we’ll be doing that!

  27. No…no 4th of July plans yet!

  28. No, I don’t. And I doubt this was meant to be the actual question. Bit late for July^^

  29. It’s a little early for the 4th of July. But we usually stay home. Hopefully we will go camping this next year.

  30. Alisha Sienkiel says:

    No no special plans. At least not yet.

  31. Sara Theissen says:

    We will be celebrating 4th of July a bit later in July to go up to Cape May, NJ for a family reunion!

  32. I think you need to update your question!

  33. tiago rosado says:

    here in PT we dont have the 4th of July has a thing…..it’s a normal day so no,no plans

  34. I usually watch fireworks at home.

  35. That’s many months away but we do usually go camping that weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

  36. rochelle johnson says:

    That is a long time form now, but we usually cook outside

  37. Amber Terry says:

    I never do anything for the 4th :p

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  38. Marcy Meyer says:

    We cookout and shoot off fireworks!

  39. We usually watch fireworks on the 4th.

  40. Amy Green says:

    My family and I traditionally get together to watch the ceremony on PBS, and eat hamburgers and hot dogs. We will then find the best spot for fireworks. I love getting the red, white and blue Holiday M&M’s!

  41. No plans yet. Maybe see fireworks?

  42. Susan Burge says:

    Maybe you meant Veteran’s Day? In either case, no special plans here.

  43. Didn’t we already have this question? Twice? >w<
    Still no plans for July 4th~

  44. No special plans, usually just sit in the backyard and watch fireworks.

  45. No plans, but I’d like to get some fireworks.

  46. Thomas Murphy says:

    I don’t have any plans.

  47. I will probably have to work on July 4th as I do most holidays.

  48. None yet

  49. Rhonda W G. says:

    I don’t even have plans for Christmas yet…lol…

  50. No plans yet.

  51. Hard to predict what will happen in 9 months….
    Thanks for the contest.

  52. Looking forward to Thanksgiving…one of my favorite holidays!

  53. Christina Gonzalez says:

    Maybe a picnic to celebrate our freedom.

  54. Susan Woods says:

    Can’t say that I do – that’s way too far away for me to even think about.

  55. Melissa Crisp says:

    I have no clue. It’s way too early to figure it out.

  56. No plans yet. We usually go camping.

  57. Shirley S says:

    I don’t have any plans yet.

  58. Tracy Robertson says:

    I don’t have 4th of July plans yet. I think you meant Thanksgiving plans? We are going to have a little family get together for dinner.

  59. Holly Thomas says:

    No special plans.

  60. Nicole Carter (Weasley) says:

    No, not even thinking about 4th of July yet!

  61. betsy cortez says:

    no, too early for 4th of july plans

  62. Nope, no plans for the fourth of July yet

  63. Andrea Williams says:

    I have no idea what plans we’ll have for the next 4th of July!

  64. Sarah Kurtz says:

    Well probably the same thing as last year… BBQ and fireworks.

  65. Sue Mullaney says:

    I usually stay at home and avoid all the crowds!

  66. This weekend we went to our favorite farmyard for pumpkin destruction day to watch pumpkins rolled over with tractors and dropped from a crane

  67. We don’t celebrate Fourth of July here in my country so I don’t really have any plans for that day.

  68. Terri Quick says:

    I usually don’t have any plans

  69. Mary Cloud says:

    We don’t ever do anything for the 4th of July

  70. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I don’t usually do anything special, except watching the great fireworks displays on the night of the 4th.

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