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  1. My Thanksgiving plans are watching the annual Macy’s parade, and then having dinner with my family!

  2. Shemp DeYoung says:

    I’ll be resting up in preparation for the weekend.

  3. Dinner with my family

  4. Ron Miller says:

    Detroit bound! Dinner with the daughter! May go to the Detroit Lions football game..

  5. Laura J Harrison says:

    I’m going to be alone so watch the parade on TV & wait to see if my kids call.

  6. None so far, don’t even know if I’m going to cook anything or just eat leftovers.

  7. My niece is due on Thanksgiving, so my family will probably be at the hospital!

  8. Emily Adams says:

    We will be going to my inlaws.

  9. dinner with family at mother in law’s

  10. Thanksgiving doesn’t matter where I live.

  11. My Thanksgiving plans include going to my sister in law’s house for a big family meal!

  12. From Canada. We already had our thanksgiving! But that weekend is my husband and daughters birthday – so we will be celebrating those:)

  13. We travel about 10 hours away to visit family that we only see at Thanksgiving.

  14. Dinner with the family

  15. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    Just having dinner at home

  16. This Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking the bird with all the usual trimmings. I love getting together with and cooking for the family.

  17. I’m from Canada where we celebrated in October. I had a good weekend with my family.

  18. Karli Nagy says:

    Staying home & having family dinner

  19. We are getting together with my husband’s whole family for the first time in years! It will be nice to see everyone!

  20. We will be spending time with family and enjoying really good food!

  21. Dinner at friends here in town.
    Thanks for the contest.

  22. We usually do dinner at home with family. Our family isn’t too big, so it’s not too hectic.

  23. Patricia E. says:

    We are probably going up to my Moms to have thanksgiving.

  24. WE will probably smoke a turkey breast and have all the fixins. Just the two of us.

  25. Already had Thanksgiving. Went to my parents’ cottage!

  26. We’re cooking dinner & watching the parades.

  27. Anita Duvall says:

    We will be Dining out this year for the first time ever! Then the games on TV!

  28. I will be cooking at home for my children and husband for Thanksgiving this year.

  29. Carrie Barron says:

    We will be going to my husband’s grandma’s house. She doesn’t want turkey, so we’re having steak.

  30. I will be working Thanksgiving Day. No plans.

  31. Heather Cowin says:

    Dinner with our family. That’s our usual tradition.

  32. Alisha Sienkiel says:

    I will be cooking dinner for close family and friends.

  33. My plan is to enjoy time with family and eat way too much.

  34. THanksgiving is a time for festive Turkey and cranberries meal at Grandma’s house, with help from me bringing additional dishes and homemade pumpkin pie for dessert.

  35. Amber Terry says:

    I don’t have any plans for Thanksgiving yet.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. No plans, since we don’t celebrate it ^^

  37. We will be at my parent’s house for dinner

  38. Thomas Murphy says:

    I am going to my parents house.

  39. Susan Burge says:

    Don’t really know yet. Probably dinner with my grandson. And I’ll watch the dog show on tv, although my cats probably won’t approve.

  40. Debra Hall says:

    having the neighbors over who have never celebrated thanksgiving

  41. Marcy Meyer says:

    We will go to my sister’s house to eat with my parents and all the kids.

  42. We had our Canadian Thanksgiving last month, it was very nice. This weekend we are doing some shopping.

  43. Canadian Thanksgiving was in October

  44. I have a HUGE family, so we’ll have a big dinner together.

  45. Heading over to my brother’s!

  46. I am going to go to my sister’s house.for dinner.

  47. Spudic’s Movie Empire is doing a big sale, so that will keep me busy.

  48. Christina Gonzalez says:

    Dinner at my sister’s house with my mom

  49. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    My plans are to have a big family dinner.

  50. Nicole Carter (Weasley) says:

    My plans are going to my sister’s for Thanksgiving and having our feast over there. Tons of yummy food and family!

  51. at Aunt Rae’s

  52. Trillina Palemi says:

    Dinner with my family

  53. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, so nothing major going on 🙂

  54. I think it will just be me and my husband this year, so I don’t have any real plans

  55. Karla Sceviour says:

    We already had our Thanksgiving in Canada,so I will just be relaxing with the family.

  56. Andrea Williams says:

    We will be spending quality time with family.

  57. Leon Durham says:

    Eat turkey and watch football

  58. Dinner with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. We always use my late mother’s recipes which makes it feel that she is still with us.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  59. Sue Mullaney says:

    Will be spending it with my brother and sister-in-law and their family.

  60. tiago rosado says:

    here in Pt we have no Thanksgiving ,so no plans or anything like that…….

  61. Linda Kish says:

    As of now, I have no plans. I noticed Jack in the Box is open.

  62. Sarah Kurtz says:

    We are headed to my parents… 5 generations this year ???? everyone will be there that matters

  63. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I am planning on going over to my Aunt’s house to share time with family, and have a nice carving of turkey.

  64. Gina Freire says:

    I am celebrating Thanksgiving with the family,

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