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Welcome to October! As an adult do you dress-up for Halloween? If you do, what is your costume going to be this year?

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  1. We will be dressing up this year as a family for the first time! I’m going to be a popcorn vendor !

  2. Megan Peck says:

    I don’t, i spend most of my time working on my girl’s costumes.

  3. I don’t dress up for Halloween.

  4. Amy Edmans says:

    I dress up as an office worker all day, and a wine-drinking candy distributor at night πŸ™‚

  5. Vicki Wurgler says:

    nope I don’t dress up for Halloween

  6. Kim Tanti says:

    My daughter and her friends come to my house for lunch. I decorate the house and make a theme lunch. So that is when I dress up. I have not decided what I will be yet this year.

  7. I usually wear a hat or ears

  8. I never find a costume I like, so I don’t dress up for Halloween

  9. I do not wear a costume

  10. I usually do not dress up for Halloween but this year I am dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood.

  11. christi baham willie says:

    Pink Breast Cancer SuperHero

  12. Nope, we don’t celebrate Halloween over here, putting up costumes in the equator is like a death sentence.

  13. Maricris Dimla says:

    Nope, not dressing up this Halloween.

  14. Jason Quarrie says:

    I try to avoid it if I can, but end up getting wrangled into something and having to put some last minute costume together. This year my girlfriend wants us to go as characters from Farscape.

  15. I don’t dress up for Halloween! Dressing my kids is enough for me!

  16. I only dress up if I have a costume party to go to. This year I am not expecting to dress up.

  17. Debbie Ellis says:

    I don’t dress up for Halloween, but I love to see all the different kids costumes coming to the door.

  18. Judith R. says:

    No, as an adult, I do not dress-up for Halloween.

  19. Julie wilson says:

    My husband does sometimes he dressed up as the question box from Mario amd the kids were Mario and Luigi it was so cute

  20. Dan Denman says:

    I don’t wear a costume. I do like the scary movies and Halloween episodes of tv shows.

  21. I love to dress up, but it depends on when Halloween is. If it falls during the work week, then I usually will not dress up but if it falls on a weekend, then I’m in.

  22. Selene M. says:

    I do not dress up on Halloween – don’t like to wear costumes!

  23. Sometimes I will dress up, if we have a party to go to!

  24. Sometimes. I usually dress up as a witch.

  25. Diana Scholz says:

    I always say I’m not going to dress up and then end up doing a last minute costume. This year I’m going to plan ahead and be a Pokemon trainer, as Pokemon is my sons favorite!

  26. Hello all!! It’s second day of Oct and feeling great. πŸ™‚
    I dress up my two daughter’s ages 9 and 4 and my son as well he is 18 month’s.
    My hubby wears a mask and I am always teasing my hair and spray painting it differ colors and adding glitter spray to my hair and doing makeup as well. I might do this same this year πŸ™‚ I love joining in with my children makes it even funnier for them cause they can laugh at mommy. Although I have rules I let them have fun in my presents where they will not get hurt in any way. I give them a roll of bathroom paper and let them have fun together teepeeing our tree in our yard. Memories to last forever and ever Happy Halloween All!!!

  27. no I don’t. My wife and I alternate taking the kids out and who stays home to pass out candy.

  28. Don’t know this year. I was a zombie last year.

  29. Cathy Philipps says:

    I have had a giant cow costume for many years and my grandkids love it when I wear it!

  30. Marlene V. (enelram) says:

    I am thinking to be Medusa and my husband Poseidon. Still looking though…

  31. I am not dressing up this year

  32. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    No, just watching the kids wearing their cute outfits

  33. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I don’t dress up but I do let my kids dress up and go trick or treating!

  34. i have dressed up in the past, but i probably wont this year. last time i did, i was a cat.

  35. Ingrid Jackson says:

    I normally don’t but this year I plan to be the Fairy Godmother.

  36. I don’t dress up for Halloween.

  37. As an adult I usually don’t dress up

  38. Maria Dollar` says:

    I will be dressing up as Morticia Addams this year!

  39. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper says:

    I no longer dress up

  40. Lisa Foster says:

    As an adult, I do not dress up and really don’t like Halloween, which is strange because I loved Halloween as a kid.

  41. I do not dress up for halloween my wife does and take the kids out

  42. I don’t dress up.

  43. Beth Hill says:

    No, I do not dress up, we do not even get trick or treaters where I live. Went to a party for a couple years and I was not creative enough to come up with costumers, would just go buy one.

  44. No I am not a costume person at all.

  45. Elizabeth Berlovan says:

    I’m not going to be dressing up.

  46. Nah, I don’t dress up for Halloween.

  47. Yes. I plan on dressing up as a flapper.

  48. nope haven’t dressed up in decades

  49. I have not dressed up in many years but I am not against. Maybe I will start again.

  50. beverly paquin says:

    no, as an adult i do not dress up for halloween.

  51. Clarissa Otto says:

    No, I don’t dress up on Halloween.

  52. Anne Burner says:

    I don’t dress up as an adult for Halloween. It’s not an important holiday for me.

  53. I dress up minimally. Extra eye make up, maybe wear black…I might spray my hair-stuff like that.

  54. Marcy Meyer says:

    I do not dress up for Halloween anymore. I did for a few years, when I taught preschool. But, not anymore.

  55. I don’t.

  56. Kimberley Thomas says:

    A White Witch…..my everyday costume πŸ™‚

  57. I might this year. We are allowed to dress up for work. Might be fun. Might be an Indian or gypsy.

  58. Emily Chui says:

    I do sometimes, I haven’t decided what I’m doing this year, but one of my fav costumes was when I dressed up as Beatrix Kiddo from Killbill!

  59. I don’t dress up.

  60. No, I do not dress up for Halloween. Not at all.

  61. samantha penrod says:

    I always dress up, I think its fun. i’m going to be a jester this year

  62. Lisa Aliperti says:

    I don’t dress up for halloween.

  63. thias pampado says:

    No I don’t dress up.

  64. No, I don’t dress up for Halloween.

  65. Debbie Welchert says:

    I don’t dress up but my husband does. Last year he went as an old lady and I think this year he might dress up as Waldo.

  66. bernardina sims says:

    no I just give out candy

  67. Michele Behlen says:

    No I don’t dress up.

  68. I don’t really dress up for Halloween,except for the occasional Zombie Run!!!!
    but i don’t do it much!

  69. No, I don’t dress up for Halloween.

  70. Crystal Rogers Walker says:

    No I don’t dress up anymore my sons are grown with their own families and they don’t live near me but the last time I dressed up I was a witch

  71. Julie Murphy says:

    no I do not dress up

  72. Melanie+Montgomery says:

    I went as RobinHood last year

  73. I still dress up every year. I’m not yet sure what I’m going to be this year though.

  74. Yana Blinova says:

    This year I will be a Greek goddess of love!

  75. Heather Cowin says:

    Nope, we don’t do the dress up thing. I dress our dogs up though. πŸ™‚

  76. Thomas Murphy says:

    I don’t dress-up for Halloween.

  77. Vicky Carlson says:

    I don’t dress up for Halloween but I think it’s fun that others do.

  78. Tina Wahrmund says:

    We do not dress up, but we do dress up the dogs and the house.

  79. Sometimes..love it..
    When we host a party or attend any of the adult Halloween parties offered around the state of Florida..there are many!
    This year we will be working..so unless it is a last minute change of plan I won’t be dressing up this year.

  80. christine burd says:

    I don’t dress up . I answer the doorbell and give out candy . My adult children dress up every year and attend parties.. They always enjoyed halloween when young.

  81. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I dont dress up.

  82. I used to dress up, but I probably won’t this year. A Vampire bride was always my favorite though πŸ™‚

  83. Carrie Barron says:

    I started dressing up again last year after my son was born. I do a mom and son costume combo. This year he is going to be a tiger and I’m going to be a circus ring master.

  84. Amber Terry says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween, but I haven’t dressed up in years!

    Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  85. Amanda Brown says:

    I do dress up for halloween and parties whenever I can. Sadly this year I have an exam on halloween so I wont be able to and yes my exam is on a saturday…

  86. I do sometimes. I haven’t thought about it yet this year.

  87. No, I don’t dress up. We go to the harvest festival at church and my son usually picks out a costume for that. πŸ™‚

  88. I used to dress up, but we don’t get a lot of kids in the neighborhood. My department at work is not very fun, but I like to wear my hockey jersey !

  89. Patrick Siu says:

    i don’t celebrate halloween

  90. No, I don’t dress up for Halloween.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  91. Rachel Mauffray says:

    I love to dress up for Halloween. I haven’t decided on this year’s costume yet.

  92. Sarah Vegetabile says:

    Yes I dress up every year with the kids. I am going as a Scarecrow!
    Have a spooky Halloween!

  93. Kazuko Smith says:

    Yes I do, I’ll probably be an banana. lol Yes it’s true.

  94. Susan Burge says:

    I don’t dress up for Halloween, but I do sometimes wear a Halloween sweatshirt (cats in costumes).

  95. Tom Bellamy says:

    A pirate.

  96. Judi Torres says:

    Not anymore.I live in NYC and there are very few children in my building.Children who don’t live in my building are not allowed to trick or treat so Halloween it is very quite here.Of course if you go to the Greenwich Village Parade, that is another story! So many awesome costumes!

  97. Mia Fitzgerald says:

    Nope, I don’t dress up for halloween

  98. DeAnna Keller says:

    I do not dress-up for Halloween. Maybe one Halloween I will though. I’m not against it but here in MI it’s usually too cold to wear a cute costume.

  99. Ken Haggerty says:

    While I have been known to dress for Halloween, quite effectively as both as a zombie and a vampire, I won’t be doing so this year.

  100. Basmatie Singh says:

    I don’ wear any Halloween mask or make-up, I do wear a Halloween theme shirt and I take my granddaughter trick or treating.

  101. Pamela Gurganus says:

    No, I don’t dress up for Halloween. I used to when we had trick or treaters and I would pass out candy, but we haven’t had any for years now.

  102. Anastasia Falling says:

    I don’t dress up now that the kids are gone πŸ™‚ I just eat candy lol πŸ™‚

  103. I do not dress up for Halloween. I am boring like that.

  104. Rhonda W G. says:

    It’s been years since I have dressed up…I would if I had a party to attend though…

  105. Wendy McBride says:

    I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years! I remember dressing up as a mime, and as Gumby way long ago at a store I worked at.

  106. I don’t dress up

  107. I only dress up if Chipotle has their $5 burrito deal, $5 for any burrito.. if you’re in costume. I tend to just draw cat whiskers and a nose on my face with a fuzzy cat ear hat. πŸ˜› I throw a plaid shirt and cowboy hat on the hubs.

  108. Judy Thomas says:

    We don’t celebrate it much in New Zealand.

  109. Helen Wawrejko says:

    No. I look goofy all year round, so no need! πŸ™‚

  110. I occasionally dress up for Halloween, but have no plans to do so this year.

  111. I’m not one to dress up and my two boys have outgrown it also. It’s a little sad, but we can enjoy the evening in other ways.

  112. My grandson wants to dress up like Chucky the Killer Doll this year, so I am going to be Bride of Chucky the Killer Doll.

  113. Arik Issan says:

    No costuming for me and none for my pup.

  114. Sometimes I dress up, sometimes I don’t

  115. Probably not dressing up this year, there’s no plan yet, but if i had to dress up i would be a mummy

  116. No I do not dress up.

  117. Gina Fleury says:

    Our work encourages dressing up then our bosses buy us a pizza lunch. Our team is dressing up as the different Disney princesses this year.

  118. Karla Sceviour says:

    no,I don`t dress up, I will be giving out treats to the trick or treaters πŸ™‚

  119. Kathleen Downes says:

    No I don’t dress up.

  120. Jennifer O. says:

    I usually just wear a Halloween t-shirt to work.

  121. Katherine Cassinelli says:

    I do not dress up so I will be me!

  122. I do not dress up anymore.

  123. Trisha B. says:

    I do not dress up for Halloween. I do enjoy Halloween in others ways like passing out candy and decorating!

  124. H. Corbin says:

    I will be Kikyo this year!

  125. I do not normally dress up for Halloween!

  126. Jen Haile says:

    No, I don’t dress up anymore.

  127. Yes, I do. I haven’t decided what I want to be this year though.

  128. No, we don’t really celebrate Halloween.

  129. Tracy Robertson says:

    I adore seeing everyone in costume on Halloween! I usually don’t dress up myself though, unless there is a party or something special that I am attending. But I love wearing Halloween themed T-shirts regularly throughout the 2 or 3 weeks proceeding Halloween.

  130. Klydra Pugh says:

    I do not dress up for Halloween
    Thanks for the chance

  131. No, I don’t dress up for Halloween.

  132. Nikoletta D. says:

    I don’t dress up for Halloween anymore. But the previous years my favorite costumes were either a witch or a vampire!

  133. abedabun dawn says:

    No, I do not dress up for halloween any more. Actually, I cant remember ever dressing up for halloween.

  134. I don’t

  135. No I don’t unless I have a party.

  136. Ryan origon says:

    We don’t dress up, but we match our kids (wearing a character shirt)

  137. Linda Moffitt says:

    no I do not dress up for Halloween I have kids costumes and I have three of those so I probably wouldn’t have time even if I wanted to they are a hobo/bum a jester and a Minnie mouse

  138. I do not dress up but I do take my kids trick or treating πŸ™‚

  139. We usually do dress up for a party but we don’t have anywhere to go this year so we haven’t bought costumes.

  140. Debra Hall says:

    no not any more, i did when the kids were little

  141. Sammantha D. says:

    I do dress up, and I’ll be a witch this year.

  142. I do not dress up for Halloween. I do wear Halloween socks and jewelry.

  143. Bonnie Hilligoss says:

    I have never enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, but I like to see others in costumes.

  144. I m going to be an minion

  145. No, as an adult I don’t usually dress up for Halloween.

  146. No, I don’t dress up. I will sometimes wear a Halloween-themed t-shirt.

  147. Katie Ellis says:

    No I don’t dress up for Halloween as an adult.

  148. Jessica Fortner says:

    We do not celebrate Halloween at all.

  149. I do dress up and this year I want to be Mortica.

  150. I’m considering dressing up as Perry the Platypus. πŸ™‚

  151. Heather Dawn says:

    No, I don’t dress up in a costume. I usually wear something with skulls on it, though!

  152. Nikki Ooi says:

    Nope we don’t celebrate it in my country but I celebrate in my own way by buying mountains of candy!

  153. No , I don’t dress up for Halloween.

  154. Angelina M Linan says:

    I only dress up for Halloween if we are attending a Halloween party but no parties this year.

  155. JACKIE PHIPPS says:

    I do not dress up for Halloween

  156. No costume for me unless I am going to a party

  157. Jessica To says:

    I don’t normally dress up for Halloween.

  158. No. We don’t dress up for Halloween.

  159. I try to if I’m going out. This year my fiance is playing with his band that night, so I should probably dress up as something. I have no idea what I’m going to wear, though.

  160. Not really…when my son was little I would put on my witch’s hat; but now I really don’t…I really love seeing the children dress up!

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