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  1. I usually only get to shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday online. But, this year I get to shop Black Friday in person, so I’m pretty excited!

  2. I used to stay away from this but this year I’m going to buy some Christmas gifts online on Black Friday!

  3. Dan Denman says:

    I mostly shop online early on Thanksgiving morning.. I get a few things in the store later on Friday.

  4. Pamela Gurganus says:

    I stay away from it all!

  5. Billie Wilson says:

    I am a cyber monday person! I’ve gone black friday shopping once and hated it! Never again.

  6. Edna Williams says:

    I am disabled, so fighting the crowds at the malls and stores would just be too much for me, so I think online is my best bet, especially with Amazon. Why go out when you can have it all delivered to your door, usually for much less than in the brick and mortar stores?

  7. I might buy some stuff online, but not in the store. Too crazy for me

  8. I stay far far away!

  9. Susan Smith says:

    I might buy some stuff online, but not in the store on Black Friday.

  10. Danielle Wuest says:

    I try to stay away from the crowds but if there is a really great sale I’ll do battle lol. I like to do online shopping if I can, it’s a lot less stressful :3

  11. I usually buy online. I’m not a morning person and I don’t like crowds.

  12. I’d rather shop from the comfort of my home.

  13. I often shop online for the best deals.

  14. Heather Cowin says:

    Neither. I don’t shop on Black Friday at all.

  15. I stay away from shops, though I’m tempted to see a hockey game…

  16. I shop the stores when I see great deals. I haven’t seen anything that will make me get up super early so far this year though.

  17. I stay away. If I can find deals online I might check it out. But usually there isn’t anything I REALLY want or need.

  18. Annmarie W. says:

    I don’t do the Black Friday sales at all, but I do go out to Christmas Tree Shops that day…it’s usually not very crowded and gets me in the holiday mood! I definitely do shopping from home on Cyber Monday, though!

  19. Kimberly K says:

    I mostly do shopping online. But, I do like to go out during the day to see what kinds of deals there are. I have only gone out at night once and it was nuts.

  20. Samantha Scarlett says:

    I wanna buy all christmas presents!

  21. I pretty much stay away from the stores. If there is something I need to get, I’d probably just order online.

  22. Kathleen S. says:

    I stay away from it all. I think I’ve only been out one Black Friday in the past 10 years! Wow..I like to wait until the weekend before Christmas. You know, cause I like the stress.. lol 😀

  23. we are out of town for Black Friday but we still shop. My husband, son and myself go to Menards and have the sale items we want mapped out, we know exactly where they will be located. No malls though!

  24. I shop a little online.

  25. alexis janiszewski says:

    I go out shopping… i love to see it all…. even if i dont need anything!!! Also my kids dont go ha

  26. Karli Nagy says:


  27. I will make a few drug store pit stops for BF. I might order something online if the deal is great enough.

  28. Mary Songer says:

    I try to do as much online as I can so my big day is Cyber Monday. I’ll be checking out the deals and seeing what I can pick up. I prefer online because when I hit the stores I tend to get carried away by a great deal and get things I just don’t need.

  29. I usually shop online these days. People get too crazy and serious about it in the store.

  30. Susan Burge says:

    I’ll shop online, mostly Amazon’s deals. This is the time of year when I avoid everything but the grocery stores as much as possible – I hate crowds!

  31. I shop the deals online. Last year bought 5 Roku’s for all my daughters TV’s. This year i will be looking for practical Christmas gifts.

  32. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I do most of my shopping online and try and avoid the crowds

  33. I love to do both !

  34. Money is so tight right now. With Christmas so close, winning would be amazing!

  35. I prefer to buy online. I will only buy if I find a really good deal about something I’ve decided I am going to buy.

  36. Molli Vandehey says:

    i dont have any idea what the deals are. im so broke right now!

  37. Courtney Hennagir says:

    I like to shop as much as I can online but I like to get out and be a part of the madness sometimes.

  38. Tracy Robertson says:

    I usually don’t go to the stores on Black Friday. There is no way I’d go at 5:00 or 6:00 am, LOL! But I do like when stores are open after midnight because I work until midnight and it’s great to have that option. I’m not working this Thanksgiving or Black Friday for a change, so I won’t go near the mall, but I might check for great deals online.

  39. I do shop on Black Friday, but I don’t go early in the morning.

  40. I avoid stores on Black Friday

  41. I look online but my husband goes to the stores

  42. I’d much rather shop online!

  43. lynda walls says:

    Ordinarily I prefer to shop in store, but on black Friday, eh, online is more appealing these days!

  44. Debra Hall says:

    i pick up a few things online

  45. I shop both – in store and online for the best deals.

  46. I stay very far away from anything Black Friday

  47. Leon Durham says:

    I shop online because I don’t want to wake up early and get in line.

  48. Alisha Sienkiel says:

    I might do some online shopping but thats about it.

  49. Wendy McBride says:

    I don’t participate in Black Friday events…….Too crowded!

  50. I stay far away from the stores but sometimes shop online if there’s something specific I want a good deal on.

  51. I like to browse the ads to see if there’s any deals in stores I can buy for Christmas gifts. I also browse online if there is a good deal for Christmas gifts.

  52. Julie Murphy says:

    I shop online only

  53. I do my shopping online.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  54. Sharon Braswell says:

    I avoid the crowd and shop online. I save gas, time, and a lot of stress! Thanks SO much for the Giveaway!!

  55. I like to shop online for the best deals.

  56. Cindy M. Celestino says:

    I hate crowds so I usually buy online.

  57. Amber Terry says:

    I don’t bother with any of it 🙂

  58. I just stay away from it all!

  59. heather kaufman says:

    I will shop online.

  60. I stay away every year because its too much on my son and I try and get it alll done by the begining of November except for a few little things.

  61. I usually do a lot of Black Friday shopping but my son is walking in a parade this year so I won’t be able to this year.

  62. Sarah Kurtz says:

    I don’t do black Friday.. I shop online mostly. Unless I find a great deal while I’m shopping.

  63. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I usually steer clear of stores on Black Friday (not that I usually have any money for buying gifts). Unfortunately, I’ll have to do some shopping this year – groceries and a stop at Walmart for a pair of pants for me (we’re going to my sister’s the next day) and Payless to get a new pair of shoes. I wish I didn’t have to go that day, but it’s my husband’s payday and he will give me the household money that day. If and/or when I do have any money for gifts, I typically shop on-line. I have Amazon Prime, too, which will really help.


  64. Gina Freire says:

    I will watch the news about Black Friday.

  65. I try to do some shopping online. When I was younger I would love to go shopping. Now I do what I can online because I hate shopping.

  66. Karla Sceviour says:

    I stay away from it all!! I may do a LITTLE online shopping,but usually not much

  67. I enjoy shopping online. I don’t have to worry about the long lines and the fights.

  68. I don’t bother with black friday unless the deals are extraordinarily good. I can’t handle the crowds and the parking situation at the malls. I’ll do some online shopping if the weather isn’t good.

  69. Sharon Wang says:

    I haven’t ever shopped on Black Friday. I don’t need the latest thing for myself or anyone else.

  70. Sharon Wang says:

    No shopping on Black Friday for me. Says it didn’t get my first comment on the Raffle Copter……

  71. Shauntea Crutcher says:

    I prefer to do my Black Friday shopping online. The stores are ridiculous.

  72. Sue Mullaney says:

    I definitely stay away! I hate crowds and don’t want anything to do with a bunch of people stampeding to be the first person to get some great deal; I’d much rather stay at home!

  73. I shop online because it’s convenient. It gets crazy at the stores.

  74. Mary Cloud says:

    I try to avoid the stores as much as possible on Black Friday – online sales only

  75. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I always wait and shop online. I usually wait until the next week, usually on cyber-Monday.

  76. I only shop online Thanksgiving Night and Black Friday

  77. Kristyn Moses says:

    I do both. I catch what I can online and just go get a few things I couldn’t find at the stores. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for opportunity to win

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