Promote Your Giveaways with a Boost!

Promote Your Giveaways with a Boost!

Do you want to know how to promote your giveaways? Give them a Boost! Submit your company giveaways, blog giveaways, sweepstakes and contests, and we will promote them!

Giveaway Booster Listing $10 

We can promote your giveaway to our readers! Currently, Giveaway Booster has 8,902 Facebook Fans, 20,000 Twitter Followers, and 9,000 Email Subscribers! You can reach our audience who love to enter giveaways for only $10.00!

What you receive:

  • Giveaway announcement publication with photo and link to enter referencing a single giveaway on Giveaway Booster.
  • Promoted on Social Media
  • Sent out on the Giveaway Booster’s Giveaway Lovers’ Newsletter ~ This eNewsletter goes out on Friday mornings. Please make sure to submit your giveaway in time to go out.

We do not accept non-family friendly giveaways.

Your giveaway must abide by Facebook rules.

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